Monday, August 27, 2007

Checking-in on the Check-up

Abby went to Dr. Worley for her 4 month check-up yesterday. As expected we were told that she is a perfect little girl. She now weighs 14 lbs. and 12 oz., is 26.5 inches long, and has a 16.75 inch noggin. She is nearing the 100th percentile on height, which she oviously did not inherit from her mommy. He said that we could start her on rice cereal anytime we want since she is holding herself up really well. (She can't sit by herself yet, but she doesn't need nearly the support she used to.) We are going to wait until she feels better from her vaccinations to give her her first cereal. I'll be sure to post pictures when we do start, for it promises to be a great adventure. After the doctor played with her for awhile, he left and the nurse was sent in to give shots. Abby was a good sport and didn't cry but for a minute. We are good to go for the next two months at which time she will receive another round of shots and maybe get to start having fun with different kinds of foods.

Thank you Aunt Tiffany for the beautiful dress and sweater!

Abby is well on her way to being a bookworm like Mommy!

This is how I found her Monday morning. She looks
like she has big plans for her pacie. You can't tell from
this shot, but she is actually laying crossways in her crib.

Post doctor's appointment. Check out the stylish bandaids.

She has a new friend. She and ShareBear have had
many stare downs since they were introduced.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Four fun months!!!

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That was Abby wishing everyone a happy day on her 4 month birthday. Okay, so she was really trying to grab the keys so she could teeth on them, but I'm sure she really wants you to have a happy day. She's getting to be such a big girl now. In fact, she rolled over from her back to her tummy for the first time yesterday. However, once on her tummy, she remembered she does not like tummy time and was immediately perturbed. We caught it all on tape. When I figure out how, I will try to post it. Meanwhile, here's a few pictures for you to enjoy.

7:41ish on April 22nd
Abby was not a happy camper.

7:41 on August 22nd
Abby has made her peace with the world around her.

Lovin' life!

Change of venue for the changing area.

Having fun in the big bed!

"Mommy, hurry up! My bath is waiting."

"Thank you!"

Dressed for church, but still deciding on which ring to wear.

"Can't I take them all?"

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Various and Sundry

We have now all recovered from our colds....well, mostly. We are keeping busy these days with all sorts of activities and new discoveries. Abby has visited friends at Rush Strong School and at South-Doyle High School among other things. She is really developing her muscles and learning to control her hands and feet more. It is so fun to watch her grab things and play with them. She is beginning to be very vocal as well. I thought we'd let you in on what we've been doing besides going to various schools.

Abby can sit up with a little help.
Here she takes a break from
looking at her feet to watch Daddy.

She has also discovered the greatest thing yet.
Here she is taking part in her new favorite past time...
sucking her thumb.

The Big Sale:
We joined up with a few friends and had a yard sale on Friday and Saturday. Abby was a real trooper. She didn't even mind the 90 degree heat too much. Of course, there was never a problem trying to find someone to take her inside to cool off. Here is how she passed the time.

First, one must take a nap. Bouncie offered a perfect setting.
She could nap and watch the people browse the sale.

Then, it is inside to get a sun hat.
She likes the Strawberry Shortcake style
for just hanging out.

Bouncie does not offer the breeze potential that the swing offers.
This is where she fell asleep for about an hour.
We were all very jealous.

She did pose for a picture or two before she dozed off.
(Don't worry.... that is not a blanket. It is a burp cloth
we had sitting on her swing tray.)

Friday, August 10, 2007

A Back to School Adventure

The first day of school for teachers means that there are no students; therefore, we we invited to visit Grandma's school, Rush Strong. The teachers there have been anxious to meet the little one they have heard so much about. Grandma was excited to show her off.
First, one must make sure she is within the dress code.

Grandma was excited to show Abby her classroom.
Abby was right at home.

Mrs. Hodgeson was very excited to meet Abby. She helped
Mrs. Morgan throw a shower for Abby before she was born.

On the way to meet Mrs. Morgan, we ran into Mr. Stroup,
the vice principal. He didn't even care that she didn't have
a hall pass.

Abby seems to be practicing her best "teacher look" for
Mrs. Morgan, who also helped with Abby's shower.
Mrs. Morgan's husband works with Uncle Tom.

Mr. Solomon assures Abby that he will help her
find her way around when she visits RSS.

Mrs. White was also thrilled to meet the little girl she celebrated
on April 1st at the baby shower. She even took time from
gathering textbooks to say hello.

Mrs. Woodard complemented on Abby's outfit and bow.
Grandpa helped to build their house. Abby will have to
tell her about Grandpa's knack for interior design
when she gets older.

Time for Grandma to steal some kisses in the cafeteria.

Mrs. Suarez has known Mommy for many years.
Her son, Ryan,was one of Mommy's best friends
in high school. She was telling us how Ryan is now
finishing his master's degree in Thailand.

Mrs. Troutman was surprised at Abby's leg strength.

Mrs. Parrott was really impressed with how
big Abby is now. She really likes Abby's smile,
as does everyone!

Every good student needs a lot of rest!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Back to School!!

Summer fun with Mrs. Desiree!

I just wanted to wish all my friends and family who are heading back to school for inservice today the best of luck for a great year. Knox County and Jefferson County teachers had to report today and that means all our dear friends at South-Doyle and Grandma are busy in their rooms. We visited Rush Strong School to see Grandma and will post pictures asap.

It is a little weird for me to be home when all the school hubbbub is going on. This is the first time since I was five years old that I have not had to get ready for back to school. However, I have a wonderful job to do here for now. I miss you all and will see you soon!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Learning Together

For those who haven't heard, Abby is experiencing her first cold. She is still a very happy baby, but she is extremely congested. It has definitely been a learning experience for us. Here are some things we have learned:

1. Abby LOATHES the aspirator entirely. She begins fighting it as soon as she sees it. It is close to impossible to use it without help from someone else. She even startles when someone blows his/her nose as if shes worried they too have fallen victim to the big, blue bulb.

2. Doctors have ill-timed vacations (pun completely intended). Both our family doctor and pediatrician are out of town. We did see my former pediatrician, but it just wasn't the same. Ironically, there was a quote in an e-mail I received yesterday that describes this lesson perfectly. Dave Barry says:
"You should choose your pediatrician carefully, for his job is to examine your baby, give it shots, weigh it, measure it -- in short, to do everything except attend to the baby when it is actually sick. When the baby is sick, either you or your pediatrician will be on vacation. This is an immutable law of nature."

By the way, we learned that Abby weighed 13 lbs, 8 oz and was 24.5 inches long on Tuesday.

3. Infant's Tylenol is our friend. It really helps us sleep. (This is not a misuse of a pronoun. When she naps, we all nap! Who needs a clean house and clean clothes anyway?)

4. We want her to be a snorer. This way we KNOW she is breathing,

5. It apparently takes two full days for Mommy and Daddy to catch the cold. Abby is a much better patient than we are.

I'm sure we have plenty more to learn, but we will cross those bridges when we get there.

Here are some pictures from our week so far.

We are beginning to use the crib for actual sleeping!
This was a power nap she took on Monday that allowed
me to do some housework and ...gasp.. get a shower and do my hair.

Then, we got dolled up to go to lunch with Tiffany.

She can sit up on her own.. sorta.It's more like expert leaning.
This lasted for about 5 seconds, but it was slow lean toward
her book. (Note the fingers in her mouth. This is her new
favorite thing to do.)

When Abby naps, we all nap.

Having a cold isn't that bad.

Abby loves to work on the computer.
She's checking the blog and catching up
with her correspondence.

"Did you say you are getting the apirator?
My doll will protect me."

Okay, crisis over.... for Abby at least.
The doll is another story.

***No dolls were harmed in the publishing of this blog.***