Friday, February 12, 2010

Best Week Ever

by Abby White
As translated by Mommy

So, Mommy and Daddy are pretty busy and really tired, so I thought I would be the one to share our baby story about Josie with you. I'm so excited to be a big sister. She's the coolest thing Mom and Dad ever brought home. I have to know where she is at all times and give her kisses on her head constantly. So, here is our story...

It all started with a typical Friday morning. I woke up and ate breakfast and watched some TV as usual. I over heard Mommy say to Daddy over the phone that she just didn't feel good and that she was going to ask the doctor about it later that day. I was excited because she was going to the doctor. That meant that I would get to hear the baby. There was snow on the ground and Mommy was nervous. Daddy told her not to worry, the roads were clear and we were off to the doc. She was really nice and told us she wanted Mommy to wear some weird belts and we would get to hear the baby for a few minutes. It was really cool because I got to drink juice with her while we listened. After a few minutes, the doctor told us she thought it would be best, considering what she saw on the piece of paper and the weather and the weekend, to go be checked at the hospital. I've been told about the hospital, but I wasn't allowed in because they have some sort of rule against people under 18 visiting. (Mommy did not like that rule at all, BTW.) It was fine by me. It just meant that I got to have my very first sleepover at my friend Sophie's house. They dropped me off around 4 and gave me hugs. I couldn't figure out why Mommy was so nervous and teary. She had left me there before and besides, Sophie's big brother, William, was turning 10 and we got to have pizza and cake. Don't tell them, but I'm not sure I even really thought too much about Mommy and Daddy. ;)

Anyway, Sophie's mom, Stephanie, kept getting phone calls and text messages from Mommy and was getting more and more excited with each one. The first came about 6pm. I heard Stephanie announce that Mommy would be staying at the hospital and I would be staying with them. (Score!) It was a pretty nasty night weather-wise, so Mom and Dad had told all our family in Tennessee to wait until Saturday morning to come over. They were worried that the weather would cause travel problems and wanted everyone to be safe. There were more phone calls from Daddy. Apparently, Mommy was not feeling like talking much. He said that she was in labor and progressing rapidly. By 10, I heard Steph say that Mommy had gotten an epi-something that made her feel much better. I fell asleep and vaguely remember Steph getting a text that made her really excited. Apparently, my baby sister was born at 2:49. She came really fast. Steph said the doctor didn't have time to get the bed ready. Josie must have heard that I got to have cake and candy and pizza and watch The Big Bang Theory. She was jealous and wanted to join us.
The next morning was really exciting. Daddy picked me up and told me my sister was here! He said Mommy and Sister were at the hospital resting and getting checked by the doctors. He told me that Uncle Tom had come to visit them already, and they were all really happy. I had a hard time at first trying to understand why I couldn't visit, but all was forgotten when the silver "beep-beep" (AKA Mimi and Bamps) showed up. They had their bags, and Daddy said they would be staying with us to help us with Baby Josie.

On Sunday, I woke up from my nap and had a big surprise. Daddy had come back home and brought Mommy and Baby Sister with him. I was so excited. My sister was home finally. I love her so much. We have been having lots of fun since she came home. . .

Just like me, Josie has a little issue with jaundice. She came home with a billirubin count of 10.2. It jumped to 15.7 by the next day, so they gave her this really cool light thing to wear around the house. It made her look like a glow worm. (Mommy joked that she had the blue light special.) She was really cool about it. Her counts were down by .5 the next day and down to 13 by Thursday. I'm not sure what all these numbers mean, but it must be good because she was able to get rid of her blue lights in just 4 days!!!

You like her blue glow?

Josie got here before her crib did. It's okay, though, because I am letting her use my "green bed" that I used when Mommy and Daddy brought me home. I like her in it because I can easily see her. Mommy said it is good because I can see her but can't reach her. (I'm working on a solution to this problem.) Anyway, I had to help Bamps and Daddy put Sister's bed together.

And the best part is that she gets to sleep in my room when she's a little older. I'm so excited. Mommy puts her in there when she's cleaning my room or hanging laundry. I take that chance to entertain her by singing and telling stories.

Entertaining Josie is one of my favorite past times. I love it when her eyes ae actually open. I really bring out my best stuff when she's awake.

I even got to help Mommy and Daddy give Josie her first sponge bath. I thought she did really well. She didn't even cry until it was over (silly sister).

Josie stays pretty cozy and sleeps a lot. . .

So. . . I get to spend time with Mimi and Bamps and play the Wii. ( I love their Mario game!)

I remember Mommy laughing when we washed and put this bib in the drawer. She even told me that she wasn't sure why she washed it since Sister would not be here until after Valentine's Day. (I'm pretty sure Mommy was as surprised as I was that Sister wanted to be with us so badly.)

We even had fun doing one of Mom's famous at-home photo shoots. Josie is a natural. (I taught her some tricks.)

All in all, it has been a great week! We have had lots of fun adventures and are starting to get the hang of things around our tiny apartment. We love that Mimi and Bamps have come to help us out so much. Mommy keeps saying what a lifesaver they are (and how sleepy she is). Speaking of, I'm off to nap with Mom while Sister is asleep.

I love my little sister, Josie.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome Little Josie Alyson

We are so blessed to announce the arrival of Josie Alyson White. She arrived by surprise 2 weeks early at 2:49am on Feb. 6th. She was 7 lbs 8 oz and 18 inches long. We are home and doing great. She has a bit of jaundice, but Abby is giving her advice on it. We are waiting for the Bili lights to be delivered and hope to be over this quickly. She and Abs are getting along famously.

Josie and Daddy are two of a kind!

I'm going home!!

Abby is meeting her sister for the first time.
The two are instant BFFs.

She loves to ride in the car.

She's a sleeper. (and awfully cute to boot)

I will update soon and will hopefully have more pictures. Our internet has had issues lately and has made it nearly impossible to blog.