Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day of School

Abby started school at Bent Creek Baptist Pre-School at the end of August. She goes Monday, Wedneday, and Friday mornings. She is having a wonderful time with her new friends and her teachers, Ms. Jamie and Ms. Tricia. ( She has a hard time believing Mommy was a teacher before she was born. ) Her favorite part is the large playground they get to hang out on every day. They sing songs, have story and sharing time, and much, much more. She is so independent. On the the third day of school, she said to me on the way there, "Mommy, I got this. You can just drop me off." I was so proud and sad at the same time.

This is the backpack she picked out.

Believe it or not, she also picked out the matching
lunchbox. (We were shocked, too.)
She usually takes pretzels, juice, and a mix of different
fruits for snack time.

She was so excited. It's hard to believe
how old she looks in this picture.

The pack is huge, but she loves
to carry it.

She was dancing around everywhere.

You can almost see the joy and
(Note: "White bunny" stayed in the
car when she got to school by
her own choice.)

Our Scholar.

Here is her peg outside her classroom.

She went inside and started to play. I didn't really
even get a "good-bye." (Yes, I cried as I drove away.)

After school, we went to Chick-fil-A for a
celebratory lunch. She was still riding on
the excitement (and the fun rides).

All scholars need their sleep. She has the best naps
on school days.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Family Vacation

I have been so bad about blogging lately. There seems to always be something going on. I will do my best to catch you up on everything that has been happening. (It may take a few posts.)

After working 60+ hours a week for a while (and continuing to do so), Steve was able to take some time off for a mini-break. So, where else would we decide to go, but home. We hit up Tennessee for a week of fun and relaxation before Steve had to go back to work and Abby started school. (Yes, she's old enough for pre-school. I'm in denial. ) So, here's how it all went down:

We drove over on Saturday to see family who we don't often get to see.

Here are the Hensley Kids–
Mom, Uncle K.B., Aunt Roberta,
and Aunt Dot

Abs got some quality time with her Great Uncle KB.

Some cousins got to spend some time together.
(Here are Debbie, Ann, Brenda, and Darlene.)

Abby suckered Mamaw for some ice cream.

It was wonderful to see family from all over. It was also great to introduce them to Josie. After we said good-bye to Mommy's side of the family, it was time to head to Mimi and Bamps for rest and relaxation.

Abby had lots of fun with Mimi. . .

While Josie showed off her new sitting up and playing trick.
She apparently also was trying to catch up on her phone calls.

After a restful day with the grandparents, we headed to Gatlinburg to see what our friends at Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies were up to.

A busy day at the coral reef.

It's one of Abby's favorite things to watch at the aquarium.

Daddy and Abby loved shark-watching
in the tunnel.

Of course, we had to say "hello" to the clown fish
and tangs, better known as Nemo and Dory
in our household.

Daddy helped Abby play with the horseshoe crab.

Abby does not seem to want to give the shark
a dental exam.

Unfortunately, my camera battery went dead before the penguins. We had lots of fun crawling through the tunnels with them. Alas, we had to head back to Mimi and Bamps's place to rest up for the big surprise the next day. . . the ZOO!!!

Abs loved seeing all the different animals
from all kinds of different vantage points.

This funny guy is out to play after playing with friends in
the elephant playhouse. He seemed to be the class clown.

Speaking of, we had a couple of other jokesters with us.

Josie enjoyed the ride as well and kept pretty comfy
during the walk between exhibits.

"This is my lion friend, Mommy."

I love giraffes. They always remind me of
one of best and oldest friends, Aimee.

The great thing about vacationing in Tennesse is you
never know who you might run into. Ben and TeeTee
were able to meet up with us at the zoo. We were so glad
to have the extra time with them!

And Abby was delighted.

The toddlers had lots of fun with
a Chimp who loved the attention.

Abs is trying to ge ta better look
at the lioness with the help
of Daddy.

Josie is trying to get caught up on her sleep.
(Note the foot. Abby used to do the same thing!)

The zebras are always my favorite. On our second trip by
their area, they were up playing.

So fun to watch.

I think the gorilla knew Abby loves cantaloupe.
He's right to be on alert. Abby will
stop at nothing for her yummy fruit.

The red pandas are always so peaceful and sweet.

Josie likes to ride in style.

Abby posed for some shots for
the pre-school bulletin board.

Thanks to TeeTee for taking
the first picture of the four of us.

The zoo was so fun that we took the next day to rest. We did have a visit with Mamaw Bivens, but for the most part, we just relaxed and enjoyed being in Tennessee.

Josie and Abby put their decorating touches on
Mamaw's house.

We rounded out the week with a visit to TeeTee's for Abby and a doctor's appointment for Josie (more on that in another post). Then, it was back over the mountain for us so we could get ready for Abby's school's open house on Friday. We were rested and ready for school after a great week at "home." We will post her first day pictures soon!