Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Springin' into action!

Abby has been really hopping since the weather has taken a turn for the better. We rarely have a day when we don't have something to do. It's finally green outside and we are taking full advantage of it.

She loves the road trips we have been taking.

And the new park we have discovered.
(Watch for birthday party pictures soon from
this same park!)

Here, she is showing her new friend, Sophie, how
to pick the perfect flower.

If you need your yard
cleared of dandelions, just let her know!

She test drove a car at the mall, but
didn't like it's handling!

I will work on our birthday, park, and spaghetti pictures later today. I just thought I would give you an idea of why we don't have a lot of time lately!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Happy Birthday, Abby!
You are a blessing to us every day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Blessed Easter

We had a wonderful Easter weekend and hope all of you were able to spend time witht he ones you love and celebrate our risen Savior.

We started our Easter at Uncle Tom's. We celebrated his birthday and Easter at the same time. We were able to see his rabbits and his roosters. (Abby loved the "chicks!") Most importantly, we were able to spend a lot of fun time with Ethan, Aleigh, and Mathew. We plan to visit Uncle Tim and Aunt Debbie and TJ soon and can't wait.

After fun times in Jeff. Co., we headed to Bristol for a long overdue visit with Granny Stone. Abby was really excited about seeing "Ganny and Phil." We had so much fun playing. Abby wore us out running laps around the house.

Getting ready for bed at Granny's

Easter morning brought bunny ears and orange juice.
Thank you, Granny, for the ears... she wears them all
the time.

Then, Easter treats. She loved the jelly beans
she found in her eggs!

Once dressed, she was itching to get out in the sun.
(It was still pretty chilly, but the sun was a welcome
Easter surprise!)

Here, she patiently waits for all of us to get
ready to pick flowers.

And she and Granny set off to get
a grand Easter bouquet.

Granny taught us how to spot a
blue ribbon worthy daffodil.

Abby thought purple would be a nice addition to the collection.

Abby was very gentle when
carrying the flowers around.

Here is a view of the finished project.

When Mimi and Gramps got there, the games really began.
Here, Abby is getting some help eating eggs.

She and Gramps played all day. Here she is letting Gramps
gets some rest before Abby made him walk
around the yard for hours.

Whew... the weekend was great, but
someone really needed a nap after all
the visiting.

We are so blessed with wonderful friends and family. Though we have had a really rough year (especially the last 8 months), it hard not to feel overwhelmed with love and blessings when we think of the beautiful family God has made us into and the awesome support of our family and friends.

Coming Soon: New friends and Birthday Bashes!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shimmy Shake

It seems that lately we have been going 90 miles an hour. Abby has two speed: asleep and wide open. She will wake up and start where she left on. It's like a DVD that has been stopped and when you push play it starts where you stopped it last. It cracks me up that she wakes up in the middle of the night talking to her friend Sophie or Ben. She will ask about the Wiggles or Cars (her favorites this week) when she wakes up. Very fun times. I know that she wants me to get her when she says "Mommy come!," I know she means business. (This command is used for anything or anyone she wants to follow her.) I know I'm just rambling on, but I have so much I would like to tell you. I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while. I hope to do better. I will let the pictures do the talking.
Waking up in the mornings with milk and Mini Hot Dog.

Ice cream is one of her favorite treats.

Ready to go to the park to feed the ducks.

We have found a great park a few minutes from our
apartment. . .

where you can feed the ducks. . .

and watch the sail boats.
(They also have paddle boats that we
are going to try when she is a little older!!)

Abs loves the park and gets a kick out of the ducks.

Crazy week. . .

Here she is on Tuesday. We had about
an inch of snow on the ground by mid-morning.

On Thursday of the same week, we went to the
park where she went down the "big" slide
by herself for the first time!