Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Josie!!!

Today marks 6 months of total blessings. It has been the hardest and most rewarding time of our lives. Josie is such a sweet baby. I have friends that will testify to how laid back she is. She loves going to the movies. She will either sleep (Toy Story 3) or watch every minute with out a peep (Eclipse). She loves her big sister. The smile she gets when Abby is around just melts my heart every time. She is growing up so fast. She has mastered rolling over and even likes to sleep on her tummy some. She's sitting up mostly by herself. She LOVES to eat. Rice cereal is good, but the recent addition of veggies has been a big win. (Uncle Ron, you will be glad to know she and green beans aren't the best of friends.) When she laughs, it fills the room. It's my favorite. However, a close second is when she talks to her toys. It is so fun how she seems to have a conversation with them. She is such a blessing. I know it may sound cliche, but it is as if she's always been with us. Life is so blessed right now.

Jumping remains her favorite past time.

Luckily, the jumperoo offers her second favorite thing–
chewing on stuff!!

Speaking of chewing. . . she will chew on anything and
every thing.

Our sweetie is sleeping in her big bed in a room
with her sister. They love it.

Sisters and B.F.F.s. . .

Never a dull moment.

Abby loves to teach Josie the ropes.

Love those baby blues.

Our sweet baby girl.