Friday, May 22, 2009

Parks & Recreation

About a month ago, we had to go to Tennessee to take care of some stuff at the house and were lucky enough to get to have lunch at Fred C. Miller Park with Aunt Tee Tee, Paw Paw, and of course our best buddy Ben. We had a blast and hope to do this a lot this summer!

Two toddlers ready to take on the world.
Sunblock- check.
Hats- Check
Playground- check

Here, Ben and Abby strategize about how to get to the top of the

"Maybe if we try this, Ben, we can shimmy up
before our mommies notice."

"I don't think this is going to work, Abby.
You look stuck! And I think they're on to us!"

Quick, to the bouncy pony thing.

"I love this thing!"

"I'm not so sure I do. Can somebody help me?"

"Gosh, thanks, Paw Paw. This is much better."

"Standing in the middle isn't so bad."

Paw Paw and Abs checkin' out the creek from behind bars.

"I'm just going to crawl up here and you can
can come help me down when I realize I am
stuck, K?!?"

Our smart guy hitched a ride when he
got a little tired of walking.

"Schweew... that was a great day!"

Monday, May 4, 2009

Birthday Party

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful day to party at Lake Julian with many of our great friends from Tennessee and Asheville. Abby decided on a Finding Nemo cake and so we ran with it. We were so blessed to be able to celebrate with our friends. We can't thank everyone enough for making the trek across the mountain.

Here is the table sans cake and pizza. The cake
had to be stored under the table so the icing wouldn't melt.

Can you guess Abby's favorite party of the table?
(Hint: Nemo still hangs out in our dining room. He's just
a little closer to the ground now.)

And so Abs wouldn't grab Nemo and Dori. :)
(I gave up on making her birthday cakes after
last year. Maybe I'll try again when she can help me more.)

Abby enjoyed her pizza. . .

She ate with Stephanie,our good friend in Asheville.

and with Aunt TeeTee.
(Love the messy face that she kept the whole time.)

She made sure everyone had everything they needed.

Part of the Tennesse crew enjoying the festivities. . .
From Left to Right: John and Lisa Raines (our neighbors in TN,
and Stusie Steve (aka Atticus) Loope (our very special and
dear friends).

Abby, Ben, and Sophie couldn't wait for lunch to
end so they could feed the ducks.

Ben was in heaven. He had bubbles,
food, and lawn mowers.
We are sorry he skinned his knew on the rocks though.

Kristiana and Emma had a blast at the playground.
Emma really enjoyed the swinging bridge.

and, of course, the swings!!

Abby and Mimi loved them too!!

All the kids loved feeding the ducks. Here, Sophie
helps Abby feed a very hungry group!

Miss Independent wanted to do by herself

We had tons of fun, and needed naps when we got back.
Abs soon joined Mimi and Bamps for long afternoon nap!