Thursday, November 5, 2009

Big News

Well, folks, the baby was our friend today. It's a girl!! When told Abby that she was going to have a little sister, Abby responded with "ok" and continued to play with her toys. Steve will be outnumbered, but he is taking it well. We are very excited. Everything is going great. The baby is very healthy and growing like a weed. As soon as we can, we'll try to get some ultrasound pictures up, but I thought you'd like to know what we found out. We've got to go now and start looking for names. We'll update soon on Halloween and other fun things.

Belated Birthday Wishes

We have had some technical difficulties here at this White house, and because of it we have not been able to post birthday wishes, so here it goes....

Our nephew, Joey, turned the big 3-0 last week. While he was not available for comment, his wife says he enjoyed the day! We hope he knows we love him and hopes he had a wonderful day.

Here's Joey on his wedding day last year.

Our friends James and Aimee have a had a pretty busy month. They celebrated their beautiful daughter's, Tabetha, first birthday, their sixth wedding anniversary, and their sweet son's, Talmadge, third birthday. We were very glad we got to see them when they were in during Labor Day and had an early party for the kids. We hope Tal, who says he doesn't want to grow up (Your hearts can start breaking now, moms!) had a wonderful birthday! We miss you and can't wait for Christmas when we can hopefully see you again.
Tal and Aimee only minutes after meeting each other.

Tal and the fun Elmo cake that he devoured at his first birthday.

He's a pro at the cakes now.

Now that our technical issues are slowly being resolved, hopefully, we will be able to update more often. Come back for fun posts soon!