Saturday, May 15, 2010


Last month, Steve had to go to Slovakia for work for 9 days, so the girls and I packed our bags and headed across the mountain. When asked where her daddy was, Abs would say, "He's in a plane in Bokia." It was cute how she thought that he was in the plane the whole time (though the 21 hours one way of traveling made it feel that way). Anyway, we were able to get plenty of visiting in while we were there. It was a bitter sweet trip since a very dear friend passed away while we were there, but we are so glad that we were able to be there for Atticus and to honor Susie, who Abby called "my Princess."

Cousin Ann was very excited to meet Josie and
to spend some time with Abs. Abby was excited to see her too
and to find that Ann had a toy box full of fun things.

Swingin' with Paw Paw makes life
seem somehow more fun.

Roadtrip w/ Ben to the Aquarium was
a blast. They loved that they were
in the "way back" of the SUV.

Abby, Emma, and Ben all enjoyed the
aquarium. (The blonde on the left
was starting to get tired by the time we
go to the penguins.)

Josie saw the opportunity for some down time.

Maybe she was planning her lesson for her
first teaching gig at SDHS. Here
Atticus is introducing her to Mommy's
former students. (Congrats Class of 2010)

We also even got a suprise visit from
Brenda and Aunt Dot. Too much fun!!!

Awesome trip!

This is just a sampling of what we got to do while in TN. We came back tired and missing Daddy. However, the latter did not last long. We got home about 3 hours before time to meet him at the airport. All are home and safe. We loved our visits with everyone and hope we can see them soon.