Monday, July 4, 2011

Just Beachy

Well, there never is enough time in a day (or energy in this mom) to blog any more. However, I find myself with a rare chance to do a quick post. I want to catch up on everything, but there is sooo much. Hopefully, before the girls graduate college, I will get caught up on Josie's first year.

The latest news is that we just returned from the beach with Mimi and Bamps. We were able to go back to Holden Beach, NC. It is one of our favorite beaches to just hangout and relax. Abby was a waterbug this year and was old enough to really ride the waves. Josie took a page from Abby's book and slept a good portion of the time we were on the beach. By week's end, she had made friends with the ocean and was pulling Bamps and Daddy to the waves. We returned fairly sunburn free. Here's how the whole thing went down:

Watch out, Waves! Here she comes!

"Anyone know where a girl can get some
water around here?"

"I dunno, Bamps, they say there's
some water for my sandcastle this way."

Anyone up for some fun?

Bamps is awesome at riding the waves.

Our happy family-- after a beach nap!

She totally did not want me to take this picture– she
might miss a wave.

Diggin' the tidal pools... quite literally.

Josie and Bamps B.F.F.

Josie napping (as usual) on a
sunny day at the beach.

This one just makes my heart happy.

My favorite of our gals.

Approx. 30 seconds after she made friends with
the ocean.

The sunset view from atop the causeway leading
to the island.

Sunset over the marsh. (Love it)

Beach Baby!!

I'm pretty sure she'd be a
mermaid if given the chance.

The gals playing while Bamps and Daddy
set up our cabana.

Playing chase with enough room
do do it up right!!

Abby hanging out while waiting
for a table at our favorite restaurant,
The Provision Company.

Josie says she will have hers
steamed w/ a little butter, please.

Abby is combing the area for crabs and
jellyfish. (The latter made their presence
known this year.)

The giggles say it all!!!

Our view from the back porch. It's rough,
but someone has to stare at it for hours. :D

Fun time in Daddy's socks.

Sisters. :D

One Happy Beach Bum!!

Love the look in this one!!

Proud Papa!!

She is saying "good-bye" to the ocean.

A wonderful trip all the way around.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Faithfulness of a Child

I know that parents are suppose to teach their kids, but many times I find myself learning from the girls. Yesterday, Tiffany and Ben came for a visit, and we ended up at McDonalds. This particular McD's has an awesome outdoor playground. Now, allow me to digress. Abby has a little fear of heights. It makes her very nervous to be up high, especially when she can see the ground below her. It just so happens that this playground has a lot of such places where one can see the ground. After going through the "treehouse" once with Josie and me, she went through again with Ben! She then decided she wanted to go through once more. Ben was not interested. Abby looked at me and said, "I"m going." I said, "Okay, but I can't come get you this time." (Looking back, I realize I was trying to talk her out of it. I'm glad she's stubborn.) She did great until the long bridge in which she can see everything. She started to get nervous. Then, she started saying, "I am not afraid. I am always brave. God will take care of me," over and over until she was across. It made me very proud of her that she not only made it across but that she knew she could depend on God to help her. Later, I was thinking about the "treehouse." I realized that she did exactly what I often forget to do.... rely on God. Life may be busy and tiring. Life may not always go exactly how we want, but Abby is right. . . "God will take care of me." Thank you for the reminder, sweet girl!

My guru :D

Thursday, February 17, 2011

December to Remember

I know. I know. It has been a while. A long while. However, I will try to catch you up on the goings-on around here.

December began much like December 2009. . . SNOW. Before winter was even officially here, we already had a significant snowfall (about a foot on our end of town). This made for great fun (and the beginning of a very snowy winter). Abby experienced her first snow day. She cried when she found out her school was closed. We were afraid it was going to put a damper on their Christmas party; however, we were very fortunate for the snow to melt in time for the kids to put on htier show and have their special party.

The kids did a wonderful job singing. Abby (middle of
the shot) belted out the songs with pride. We were so
excited that Steve was able to watch the program.
Abby was thrilled!!

The snow may not have been epic, but it was certainly fun. We were excited to get the girls out to play, especially since it was Josie's first real chance of playing in the white stuff. :D

Let the Christmas Story jokes begin.

Our angel making angels.

She's a Daddy's Girl without a doubt.

I just thought this is such a perfect "Josie" look.

Snow fun w/ Daddy!

The girls started to get tired and Steve's
hands were freezing. Therefore, our
snow man was three feet high.
We then decided to honor Bamps
with a snow Bamps, much to
Abby's delight. :D

The snow afforded us a chance to do a photo shoot to prepare for Christmas! Good times!

"Why is the bear bigger than me? Not cool."

Abby is still trying to come down from her Christmas high.

Holiday hilarity in a box (literally) with hats!

I promise to update soon with a Truly White Christmas and Snow Daze. Until then, please enjoy Abby singing "Happy Birthday, Jesus" from her Christmas program. Do NOT adjust your volume. (You will thank me in about 30 seconds or so.) Please watch until the end when Josie tries to "help." :D