Monday, March 15, 2010

White House Update

I have been pretty busy around here and not able to blog about stuff like I would like to. Something will happen that is blog-worthy, and it seems that I never get time to update. Here's a quicky for you. Maybe, now that we are settling into a bit of a routine, I will find time to post more often. Now, for what you really want to know. . .

Josie is doing great. She is up to 9 lbs now, which is wonderful considering she has already weathered her first cold. She has the cutest, heart-shaped birthmark on the inside of her bottom lip that came up about two weeks ago. She (as demonstrated here) loves to sleep on her tummy, which makes it great for snuggling!

The jaundice has cleared up, and she is getting a beautiful pale complexion which goes great with her dark blue eyes. Her hair is still really dark. (As you can see, she is not fond of the Momarazzi all the time.)

Here's chance to see her eyes and chubby cheeks. (one of my faves)She is so alert now and loves to study things. Her current faves are the ceiling fan and the window. The pictures on the wall are in the top 3 as well.

Daddy's girls love to take afternoon naps with/on him
when they get a chance.

She is doing great about sleeping. She only gets up once a night for a snack, then it's back to bed until 6 or so to see Daddy off and have breakfast before Abby discovers "Josie's Awake!!".

Speaking of, we finally got the nerve up to change her bed into the toddler daybed.
Apparently, we should have done it months ago. . .

because she says it's her "best bed ever" and so "beautiful." She is sleeping through the night without getting up to play (which was our main concern) and she will sit in it to read or play during the day.

Abby has had to to discover ways to entertain her self more lately.
Like her daddy, she loves playing games. Here she is creating her avatar for her Tinkerbell game. She is really good and can usually figure things out without our help.

We also got a few more inches of snow last week
and are looking forward to a warm up so
we can hit the parks.

It's okay, though. We have spent our time loving on Josie!

We are now awaiting the arrival of Mimi and Bamps for another visit. We will be introducing Josie to Tennessee this weekend. We have leased our house and need to make a quick trip over the mountain. If we miss you, please don't be offended. We will be back Easter weekend for a more leisurely visit. I promise to update soon with more pictures and updates on the girls.