Tuesday, December 7, 2010


That is the best way to describe our life right now. Abby is in school and keeping her up with her hectic social schedule, and Josie, well, Josie is everywhere. She is walking and talking and having such fun adventures. It is amazing to watch. I know I say this in every post, but I wish I had more time to blog about all the fun we are having.

Girl loves her Aunt Debbie!

Uncle Tom is a sucker for a good story, too.
Not sure is Mathew is convinced, though.

Bring it on, Winter!

Fun times!!

Watching leaves fall in October.

Dancing. In pjs. At school.
Not sure it could get any better.

OH, wait!!! It can. Dancing in pj at school

Re-creating the first Thanksgiving.

Little Blonde Talks A Lot
would be her perfect name.

Proud big sister

A friendship feast