Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Taste of Spring

The snow from Monday did not last, and by Friday we were enjoying temps in the high 70s with a nice spring breeze. It was lovely. On Saturday, we hopped across the mountain to celebrate Emma's 3rd birthday. She had a grand party complete with slides, bubbles, and bounce houses. It was so great and refreshing to spend the day with old friends and enjoying the great outdoors! Abby loved playing with Emma and Ben and many other little ones with equal energy levels. Of course, it is cold again now, but we loved our taste of Spring!

Abby loves to slide. She learned how
at Ben's a couple of days before.

She enjoyed some bouncing fun while the others got some lunch.
After lunch though, she jumped in with the big kids! Great fun
and no injuries!!


"Can we look for a house like this in Asheville?"

Ben said bounce houses are for the birds.
He'd rather play some b-ball!!

Happy Birthday, Emma!! We love you!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!!!

We finally got a snow worth talking about her in Asheville! It started about noon on Sunday and snowed pretty good until about 8 or 9. We didn't think much of it at first, but when it started really sticking, we got excited. We will have more pictures if the wind lets up a little.

"Wow, Mom. It really 'nowing'."

The view off out deck Sunday afternoon.

A little close, but still a rare shot of the three of us.

This is mid-grab for the camera.

Here is the view from our deck this morning!!

The roads are pretty slick and the parking lot is almost nonexistent, but Steve made it in to work this morning safely. If the wind dies down a little, I will see if Abs wants to hit the snow again! I'm sure it will not take too much. She loves going out, and this time she will get the bonus of wearing her boots!!