Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More family fun...

The past week has been spent with family as well...
We got all dressed up to go visit Uncle Tom and the kids.

Cousin Aleigh is a great help with the baby!

Aleigh is excited to finally have another girl in the family!

Ethan is great with Abby! She took a long nap in his arms.
We think she was hypnotized by his mohawk. -:)

Mathew is still a bit shy about the new baby.
(He was previously the youngest in the family!)

Never fear! He's handlig not being the baby quite well.

A New Best Friend

Abigail Louise White has a met her very best friend in the whole wide world. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

She loves it in the mornings...
and in the afternoons...
She loves it in the evenings (especially sitting with cousin Ethan).

(Soon we will publish one for "underneath the moon." )

Monday, May 28, 2007

First Day of School

Well, sort of. On Friday, I took Abby to meet our friends at South-Doyle High and to introduce her to the Harris quadruplets. She had a blast. We had a quick meet-and-greet in the main lobby, enjoyed our first Mexican meal since before she was born, and celebrated Margaret Stewart's retirement. She has taught for 35 years!!! We wish her the best of luck, and I will miss seeing her every morning and doing hall duty with her during the day.

Fun in Malfunction Junction:
We pulled in just as the quads were entering the building.
This is the main lobby. We made it about 10 steps into the
school when we were met with the "welcoming committee"
wanting to hold a bunch of babies.

Although we missed Elizabeth, we are always glad to see Lora.
She is a wealth of advice and information for mommy.

Patty Michaels, the wonderful bookkeeper, steals sugar.
She was glad to meet the person for which she had all the
paperwork for when mommy had to miss work.

Abby finally got to meet Auntie Carmen, who jokingly calls
her "Daytona." She gave us our rocker and ottoman for the nursery.
She Rocks!! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) She was my mentor during my first year teaching.

Stephanie was glad to distract Abby while Mommy held
Reagan. They discussed the new yearbook T-Shirts.
Abby apparently was not impressed, but Mommy likes them.

Coach David Claxton discussed which position Abby would like
to play on the girls' basketball team when she is a 'Kee.
As the assistant coach, he is interested in early recruiting.
Hopefully, she will be more athletic than her mommy and daddy.

Zachary was all about Abby's pacifier. I'm not sure he will be
taking her to the prom if he tries this much more.

Reagan thought that Abby was the coolest doll she had
ever seen. She was a natural with Abby. We will have
to plan play dates for the future.

Kathy finally gets some quality time with Abby. Kathy has
been very excited about Abby's arrival. We hope to spend a lot
of time with her as soon as she gets back from the beach!
(Be careful and have fun, Nana Kathy.)

Steve Loope, who Mommy calls Atticus, is totally smitten
by Abby. He helped with Abby all day!!!

After the fun in the main hallway, it was time for lunch.
Abby was excited to ride again. Apparently, she was not
too sure about the cuisine choice.
She ended up loving Pancho's as much as Mommy and
her friends do. (Pancho's is a favorite of the SDHS English Dept.)

After lunch, it was back to wish Ms. Stewart a happy retirement.

Again, we did not make it too far into the party before
we were welcomed by mommy's friends.

Sarah and Abby discuss Grey's Anatomy, just like
she and Mommy did in the hallway between classes.
Abby also was thanking her for the wonderful
Vera Bradley diaper bag!

Dr. Harper, an administrator at SDHS, was excited to meet
Abby. She was warning Abby to not nap during class, or she
would end up in the office. (This will never happen because
we have a perfect angel.)

Happy Retirement, Margaret!! Abby is showing her a
comfy napping position for the afternoon snoozes we
hope she will enjoy!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Busy Week!

Sorry we have not updated the blog since her doctor's appointment. We have been quite busy (and quite sleepy). On Sunday, Abby was four weeks old and we were able to have her pictures taken at Olan Mills. It was to be a family shot, but because she kept us up all night on Saturday, Steve and I decided it would be best to wait until we did not have huge bags under our eyes. The pictures turned out great. Look for them in a mailbox near you the second week of June. :)
Meanwhile, we have been busy learning new and exciting tricks and meeting new people.

Here are some random shots from the previous week.

Can you guess who set up this shot? Spidey is still
taller than Abby.

Abby is very strong. She loves to hold her head up.

Family friend Tommy Yardley dropped by to meet Abby and
was a little shy about holding her at first.

Then, as she always does, she won him over, and
he couldn't resist.

Abby usually shows off her hair by "losing" her hats.
She apparently likes htis one. She must remember that
cousin Aleigh picked this one out. It's perfect for
bad hair days.

She has started spending quality time with her playmat.
She loves to stare at all the fun things
hanging from the bars overhead.

This one was just too cute to resist.

Abby takes a nap snuggled in Mommy's baby blanket.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Practically Perfect in Every Way

I have to go where today, Mommy?

On Thursday, May 10th, Abby went for her two week check-up with Dr. Worley and received great news. She is doing very well. She is still a little jaundiced, but the good doctor says that is normal and even desired. Apparently, this is what makes her look like she has a better tan than Mommy. NO MORE BLOOD TESTS!!!
She is still 21 inches long and has a 13 1/2 inch noggin. The doctor was really impressed with her weight. He only expected her to be back to her birth weight of 8.6 lbs. from the 7.11 lbs. she was when she left the hospital. She took this assignment and did some extra credit work to boot. She weighs 8.12 lbs., making a total weight gain of one pound in two weeks. Not too shabby! We get to space meals out to three to four hours during the day and allow her to sleep as long as she wants to during the night. I think she slept through this news. She was still up every three hours to eat, but she goes right back to sleep. She is in the 50th percentile in in height and weight! Good news any way you look at it!

Friends from Far and Near

On Monday and Tuesday, we were blessed with visits from our great friends from South-Doyle High School. They were gracious enough to bring food for us so we did not have to worry about fixing dinner (a concern the plagues us daily it seems). Daddy's favorite night was Buddy's BBQ because of the potato salad (sorry, Lora and Atticus). Mommy's favorite night was KFC. We got some pictures from Tuesday, but I forgot to take any on Monday. The excitement was too much. Thank you all for making the trek to Jefferson County after a long day of teaching. We hope to visit school soon so Abby can meet everyone at SDHS and put a face with the voices she's been hearing for months.

B.A. introduces Abby to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth gives Abby advice on how to handle
being an English teacher's daughter.

Nana Kathy asks Elizabeth if she was ever as small as Abby.

We were also blessed with a visit from long time family friend, Mary Evelyn. She came by to see Abby again. You really can't blame her. Abby is pretty cute.

Abby loves to be held like this. Thank you, Mary Evelyn.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Big Day!!!

It is hard to believe that merely two weeks ago we were waiting for Abby to arrive. Now, we are welcoming new people every day to meet her. Saturday, May 5th, was a BIG day for us. Abby met her great grandmother, Granny, and a great aunt and uncle. It was also Granny's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Even though she slept through the first half of their visit and fussed through the second half, we hope Granny, Kathy, and Randall will not hold it against us. We hope to see them again soon.

It all started by sleeping in to catch up on sleep
lost the previous night.

Granny and Abby Lou discuss the benefits of having
the middle name Louise. They agree that only
great minds are named Louise.

Aunt Kathy and Abby made fast friends.
Abby looks forward to seeing Kathy again and
planning beach trips for the future!

Uncle Randall was a gentleman and let the ladies
hold Abby first. Unfortunately, by the time he got her, she was
hungry and began to cry.
Sorry, Randall. We'll do better next time.

After the family's short visit (we wished they could have stayed longer!), Daddy decided to go to the mall for Free Comic Book Day. Abby was all a gas! She decided to change outfits and head to the mall to check out the new stroller. (Actually, the wardrobe change was a necessity rather than a convenience.) Although the event did not turn out well for Daddy (who did not find any comics he wanted), Mommy and Abby were excited to get out of the house for a while.
Abby is wondering if Mommy is actually going
to remember to brush her hair before they go.

Abigail was stylin' in her new tennis shoes.

Hmm... haven't we seen this before? The outing proved
to be tiring for Mommy and Abby by the end of the day.
Time for a three hour nap before the next meal!