Friday, September 26, 2008


Abby turned 17 months old earlier this week. It seems that every day is a new adventure for her (and her sometimes clueless parents). Her new hobby, climbing anything and everything, has been cause for a few minor heart attacks over the last few days. However, it is fun to watch her explore and learn her boundaries. Speaking of, she is testing her boundaries in other ways as well. We have experienced a meltdowns this week. It seems she is trying to get a head start on the terrible twos. Hopefully, this will mean that she grows out of them before she is too much older. (I know we are keeping our fingers crossed.) As for other updates, she is working on a full set of teeth. As we speak, she is cutting her incisors. The tips have poked through, but the rest are taking their time. She has given up her morning naps. (sigh) However, she is taking longer afternoon naps and going down easier for bedtime. A fair trade, I say. She has had much fun playing with friends and family we haven't seen much over the last few weeks and "loving" on Phoebe. She is also expanding her vocabulary. I will post a list to the right of words she is using on a regular basis. She's doing really well in that area. As always, I am posting pics of her fun times this week at home.

"Okay, Mom! I've gotta get back to work now."
Hmmmm. . . wonder where she gets her obsession with
paper and pens.

I really love this picture. Such a sweet smile. Such a lovely
bow. Such a yummy noodle stuck to the side of her face.

She has figured out where all the goodies are kept.

Watching for kitties before a nap.

Travel tip #49:
Always take time to stretch during a long trip.

What's better than a day with Ben?

A day with Ben at his Nan-Nan's house reading.

And on his Pop-Pop's boat cruisin' the lake.
Ben was ready to show Abby his mad boating skills.
(More on Abby's first adventure on a boat later.)
Thank you Nan-Nan and Pop-Pop for an AWESOME
day at your house. We had SO much fun!


For those who are wondering, we have received some offers from companies (finally). We have until the 1st to make a decision. I will let you know what we decide. Please pray for us to make the right decision and for the strength to get through the next few weeks. We will be moving and starting over in a new city. Scary and exciting all at once.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Let the Games Begin

You know you are going to have a fun day when you walk into the dining room to find this. . .

So, apparently, Abby can climb the furniture now. It's been a constant fight to keep her off the table. She loves to sit in the chair and color and climb up and down on the sofa. Phoebe is terrified.... as she should be. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun on Business Trips...

A guide for the traveling toddler.

We have had a wild time the past month. We have been to West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Kentucky going to interviews with different companies. We will be leaving out tomorrow for Cincinnati, Ohio for yet another interview. In the past two weeks, Abby has traveled over 1500 hundred miles. By the end of the weekend, she will hit the 2000 mile mark. She has been a real trooper, often handling traveling and new places better than her mom and dad. With her new-found past time, she has figured out a few tricks to make traveling easier for the road weary toddler.

Tip #1: Nap

She recommends sleeping in the car
whenever possible. It really helps pass the time.

I don't get pictures of the naps inside the
hotel rooms. They are epic! She sleeps so well!
However, the flash threatens the peace for
all involved. :)

Tip #2: Stop by to see family whenever possible.

On the way back from Ghent, Kentucky, we were able to stop by Danville to see Aunt Dot, Cousin Brenda, and Cousin Dale for lunch.

Aunt Dot and Abby enjoyed strolling around and
going out to see the birds.

We loved seeing Aunt Dot's new digs.
She has a very cozy bed that Abby really enjoyed
playing on!

On the way back from Monroe, NC, we got to go by Granny's and meet up with Kathy, Randall, Kristen, Lauren, and Megan.

Abby really loved playing with everyone again.
It has been a long time since the beach.

Lauren and Megan were nice enough to
share their toys with Abby.

Tip #3: Be spoiled whenever possible. (Okay, this tip isn't just for traveling. However, it is especially important when traveling to take full advantage of mom and dad's weary states.)

Big, fluffy chairs are the best!
They are good for catching up on reading
and correspondence.

"I love eating chips, especially in bed!"

Tip #4: Find something fun to do.

Riding the luggage carts has become
one of Abby's favorite parts of the
hotel visit. (A close second is the
elevators. They have really cool
buttons that light up and some
that make noise.)

Although we spent more time in Florence, SC. We
found this really neat water tower in Florence, KY.
How fun, ya'll!

Also in Florence, KY, we found a really neat
carousel. Too bad there wasn't anyone to run it
when we were ready to ride.

Find a way to amuse yourself around the room.
Abby recommends the at-toddler-level tissue dispenser.

Tip #5: Spend quality time with guy who made the trip possible to begin with.

Get him out to see the sights.

Help him relax and watch some TV.

Comedies are always a good way to get rid of stress.

Have fun meals together. Cracker Barrel offers
a really fun peg game that both daddies and
toddlers LOVE.

Tip #6: Keep in touch with home!

Everyone is always eager to hear from
Abby and know what she's been up to
during her trips.

Stay tuned for more trip tips. I will try to get more pictures to share with you. Hope all are doing well. We will keep you posted on the outcome of our month of interviews. Hopefully, we will know something soon!