Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On the Road Again

We took a quick business trip to West Virginia recently. It was a 5 1/2 trip up there. She got to go under her first tunnel. She was a real trooper and did well entertaining herself and sleeping.
We had fun exploring Jackson County, WV while Daddy was in his meeting. It is a beautiful area, but I was so busy with a toddler that I didn't take too many pictures unless we were in the car.

Abby had all the essentials for keeping
herself entertained. (She sat most
of it up herself.)

Alas, it didn't keep her entertained

Seriously, she was zonked for a long time.

She woke in enough time to see her first tunnel!

And her second one, too!

She was facinated by the lights
inside the tunnel and
by riding "inside."

The capitol building in Charleston, WV.

We saw a lot of signs advertising coal
and even saw the processing facility of
one mine on the way up.


In a related note, she loved riding so much,
it is all she wanted to do at Chuck-E-Cheese,
after we finished skee ball of course.

Clifford was one tired pup after Abby
used most of her tokens to ride him.

Happy Birthday, Quentin!

Quentin and his loot!

We want to wish our nephew Quentin a very happy 6th birthday!! We had so much fun at your Chuck-E-Cheese party and hope you had a great day! We love you!

Q-man and Joey try out the MarioKart game!

Mathew tried his hand at being a helicopter pilot.

Abby was just happy to be on the show.

Stay Tuned

I promise I haven't forgotten you! We have lots to catch you up on. (Of course, there will be plenty of pictures!)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

In and Out of Doors

As mentioned previously in a post or two, we recently put in a pool. Ok, so we blew up a baby pool for Abby, but we still like to say we have a pool in the backyard. It is fun to play with on hot days. However, it has been really hot around here and some days it is just miserable. On these days we play inside. Here is how it goes . . .

Abby is huge help with pool maintenance.

She takes her job seriously.

In the 30 minutes we played in the living room,
this happened. Hurricane Abby hit with no mercy.

She has been helping daddy with his Wii game.
She will actually sit still when they play.

She wants to make sure that she gets everything right.

That means putting on the wrist strap. . .

and making sure that she watches every move

She LOVES it when she wins.