Wednesday, September 16, 2009

By Popular Demand

It has been pointed out to me (a lot, actually) that I haven't given any updates on our pregnancy. I didn't mean to leave anyone out of the loop. I just haven't thought to update the blog about the smallest member of our family. So, here goes.....

As of today, we are 18 weeks along. Things are going great. His/her heart rate has stayed around 150 at every check-u[ and when we check at home with the doppler that our friends loaned us. It is too cute to hear Abby say "Babby says woo woo woo." ( That's the sound the doppler makes.) I have been feeling pretty good. My energy was completely zapped, but htat is starting to come back. I am having some issues with weak spells, but doc says it's completely normal. My blood work is fine, and my blood pressure is good. However, she doesn't want me to drive too far from home by myself until I go a couple of days without a weak spell. Until then, Steve will have to haul me across the mountain to visit. :)

Abby is very excited. She says she is going to have a brother. We will have an ultrasound on October 9th to see if she is right. We are trying to include her in this as much as we can.

I am able to feel "Thumper" now. He or she seems very active when big sister is resting. (I'm hoping this will not become a habit.)

I'm pretty sure that's all the news that is news concerning the baby. I promise to be better at updating you. I'll post on the 9th if Little Bit isn't too modest and we are able to finally say boy or girl.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We're Having a Party

We were so thankful that our good friends James and Aimee were able to bring their cuties in for a visit over Labor Day weekend. It has been a long time since we have been able to love on Tabetha and Talmadge thanks to both our families moving to different states. It was a wonderful weekend complete with a cookout and an early birthday party for the little T's.

Tal and Daniel cruised the cookout to make sure everyone was behaving.

Like their mommies, Tabetha and Abby were fast friends looking
for some fun.

"Abby, it looks like something should go here."

"Score!! I'll show you how this is done, Tabetha."

"This isn't working out so well. There's got to be an easier way."

(Notice Tal in the background... too stinkin' cute!)

"It's my party. Wonder what will happen next?"

"Me likie this party stuff."

Tal is an old pro at this stuff. . .

He was even gentleman enough to "help" his sister with her icing.

On a side note, we celebrated Ethan's 13th birthday (can you believe it?) while we were in Tennessee. Abby enjoyed her first corn on the cob while we were there. She was a big fan!! She ate a whole piece and still wanted more. (We gave it to her in halves until she gets the hang of it.)


"Look! I ate this in one bite."

Messy Toddler = Happy Toddler

We thought it would be fun for Abby to try her hand (no pun intended) at finger painting last week. The plan was to go outside, but constant rain kept the fun indoors. We taped some newspaper together, pulled her hair back, and stripped her down. She was unsure at first, then she really got in to it. She has paints from head to toe (including in her ears), but a quick bath afterward took care of it quickly. She's been begging us to do it again, but we are waiting until we get our energy back from the last time.

It starts with a bit of color mixing for the perfect shade.

Green seemed to be the favorite of the day.

An artist never likes to be interrupted.

Luckily, we were able to get most of the paint out of her ear... I think.

Putting the finishing touches on a card for Granny.