Thursday, June 28, 2007

Random, Fun Pictures

Because I did not post a bunch of pictures last post, I will make up for it now with random shots of Abby. She is growing so fast. She is really responding to us now. She will smile and/or look at us like we are crazy.

Here's that beautiful smile again.

Power napping on Grandma.

Daddy, it's too early to start potty training. Isn't her look classic?!?
(This is Steve's favorite picture.)

Daddy and Grandpa try to calm a fussy girl.

Phoebe usually watches Abby from afar.

Quality time with Aunt Tiffany. Abby is trying to get in
all the time she can because baby Ben will be here in October.
He is a sure threat to the attention she gets from Tiffany. :)

The real family portrait. Us, in our natural state.

Abby's Room

I thought I would share a few pictures of Abby's nursery even though there is a few finishing touches I would like to add. It's my favorite room. Abby likes hanging out in there, too. She likes to listen to music and look at the stuffed animals. Grandpa Larry and Daddy did the painting. It is perfect.

Here is a before shot. This is what the room looked like
when we moved in.

Here is that same wall post remake.
(Eat your heart out, Trading Spaces makeovers.)

This is the rocker that Auntie Carmen sent us.
Abby and I have spent a lot of time here,
especially at four in the morning.

Our good friend, Treca, made this for us.
It goes perfectly in the room.

Here is Abby's bed. It is presently being used as her
changing table. Don't worry! I'll move the stuffed
animals when she actually sleeps in the bed.

She has plenty to look at while I clean her up.

Don't worry! We do have a place for her to sleep.
The pack and play is at the foot of our bed.

Here is the part I still need to work on. Please
don't let the empty hangers fool you. . .

She has plenty to wear. Actually, we have
at least one outfit for her until she is in 24 months
size. Notice the stash of blankets and diapers.
She even has a collection of cute shoes, as
any girl should have.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Two Months, Nine Weeks, or Fifty Seven Days. . .

This was taken before we left for the doctor's office.
Thank you, Grandma, for going with us for moral support!

No matter how you want to look at it, we have been blessed. We went today for her two month check-up (and the icky shots). Here's the scoop. Abby now weighs 11 pounds and 8 ounces, and her noggin has grown to a whopping 15.75 inches. This puts her in the 75th percentile in both areas. She is now 23.5 inches long which puts her in the 95th percentile in height. (She must get that from her daddy.) She was very brave during her shots. She only cried for a minute. She is now sleeping soundly on my chest as I type. (Yes, I tried putting her down, but she would not have it.) I thought I would post a few pictures to show you how she stays so healthy.

Have a light lunch with our friends.
The Harris Quads turned one last week!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Reagan, Thomas, Zachary, and Jonathan!!!

Nap on Mommy.

Try a new hairstyle.
(Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa,
for the cute headband.)

Nap on Daddy.

Spend time on the play mat.
She's not too keen on
tummy time yet, but she is a good sport about it.

Nap on boppy.
This nap brought to you courtesy of
the two month vaccinations and our first ever dose of
infant's Tylenol.

Make funny faces.
Abby already has a great sense of humor.

Nap in bouncy with blankie.

We hope these tips are helpful. We will post pictures of her nursery soon. Steve spent some time putting some finishing touches on the room this past weekend.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all you dads and dads-to-be. We hope you have a great day.
Abby is eight weeks old today! Time is really flying by. We started our day by taking Abigail to church for the first time. Our good friend Trevor Roberts was preaching this morning. Steve received a mug from the church for being the youngest dad there. Abby was very sweet, of course. She slept through most of the service. We think she thought the whole church was singing her to sleep because she got really calm during the offertory hymn. We introduced her to her church family, and they all loved her. She is the youngest one by 13 months at our church, so she will be spoiled no doubt. After church, we returned home for a day of fun with daddy. We wanted his first father's day to be very special. (See below to find out how he and Abby spent the afternoon.)

Here she is all dolled up for church.
Notice that the pacie is secured and ready to go!

This is the only photo of the three of us together. It was taken
by Tiffany in our church parking lot. Abby is about as ready for lunch
as we are.

After lunch, Daddy played video games as Abby coached him
through the hard parts. She loves to watch Daddy play!

Even Superbaby needs a nap after so much fun.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Many Faces of Abby Lou

Today, Abby is 7 weeks old. It is hard to believe that soon she will be two months old. She has really started to develop a personality, especially in the last two weeks. Here are some of the sights we are blessed with each day! My favorite is the smile! This is a new face that has only been around for a week.

Peaceful, Cute sleepy face

Rough night sleepy face
(The hair is classic, don't you think?!?)

Cozing up with pacie face
Not-so-pleased face
(I know that it might come as a shock to you,
but Abby does cry. Mind you, she always has a
very valid reason for doing so. If memory serves,
this is a wet diaper issue in this particular shot.)

Mommy, I have a question face
(Notice how she even raises her hand.
Teachers' kids, gotta love 'em.)

I love playtime face.
(Most beautiful smile ever, don't you think?!?)

Another shot of the smiley face

You're kidding me face

Abby Hearts Bathtime

One of Abby's favorite activities is her bath. She loves the water and especially loves getting her hair washed. For now, we are using a a small plastic basin because she is too small for her tub. However, she is quickly outgrowing this and will soon graduate to the "real" bath. I am quite nervous about this because she gets quite excited and kicks/squirms a lot which makes it hard to hold her. Nevertheless, here are some pictures that will be sure to embarass her in about 13 years, give or take!!!

Abby gets excited when she sees the "indoor pool" appear.

The livingroom and her bedroom afford the most space for the ritual.

Although you can't tell from the picture, she is in mid-kick here.
This forms a mini-tsunami.

Stay tuned for pictures of her hair being washed as she is snuggled in her towel!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Hi, Aunt Chris and Uncle Jared!!!

The first weekend of June was a momentous occasion to be sure. Our very good friends Chris and Jared came by to meet Abigail. Okay, they did not make a trip from Alabama especially to see Abby, but we are glad that their plans allowed them to swing by even if it was a short visit.
Steve and Jared have been best friends since elementary school, so he should have some pretty good stories about her daddy to share with Abby.

Chris learned quickly that one must have burp cloth handy when
handling Abigail.

Jared talked to Abby from a distance at first.

However, she eventually charmed him (with a little help from Chris).
They were fast friends. . .

until Daddy shared the story of "The Diaper That Did Not Hold" while
giving him some baby-holding tips...

which made Jared smile nervously!

We loved seeing Chris and Jared and hope to hang out some more soon!! Abby is preparing for a trip sometime in the not so distant future to see Jared and Chris and their puppy Bijoux! (Don't worry, Bijoux, she shouldn't be able to chase you by then.)

Here is Bijoux, the most stylish puppy we know!
How cute!!!