Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall , Festivals, & Friends

We were really bummed to have missed Old Time Saturday, a crafty fall festival, in our home town in Jefferson City, TN. However, Russ and Stephanie told us about a small festival at one of our favorite local parks. We were definitely in!! It was small, but I think Abs enjoyed it a little more because of the playground and having Sophie and William around.

When we told her that it was a little
chilly outside, I think she might have
misunderstood exactly how cool it was.

Like mother, like daughter. Abby is a
definite Daddy's girl.

Here is William in front of his school's
entry in the scarecrow contest.

They did a really awesome American Gothic
that won first place in the competition.

There were many cool entries,
we found a Scarebuster complete w/Slimer.

You can take a girl out of Tennessee, but you can't take
the Tennessee out of a girl....
In a move that will be sure to please her uncles and friends back home,
Abby chose orange for her first face painting.

She wanted the heart;
we added the "T" to be funny.

Sophie decided on a butterfly. It was really pretty,
and we thought she could use it later if she wanted
to get into Punk Rock or Pro Wrestling. ;P

After a quick tour of the crafts, we hit the
playground where the kids worked up
a good appetite for the new pizza
place in town.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fun with Imagination Movers

Among many of our recent activities, we were able to catch the Imagination Movers in Knoxville at the Tennessee Theater a couple of days ago. It was Abby's first concert and we were very excited to meet up with some of her BFFs, Ben and Emma, for the big show. They played some of Abby's favorite songs, such as "What's in the Fridge" and "Shakable You." It was really difficult to get a good shot of her because I'm pretty sure she was hopping through the whole thing. She even tried to rush the stage a couple of times.

It was like a true concert from the little one.
Some kids even brought signs... too cute.

We had great seats with a really good view
of the warehouse. They even brought their "Little Buddy,"
Warehouse Mouse, to run the lights and sound.

They spent a lot of time in the audience.
Our buddy Ben even got a high five from Rich!!!

Abby was mesmerized throughout the show and
really got in to dancing and singing with the band.

Ben was amazed as well. He
studied the show quite intently for the longest time.

I couldn't get a good shot of Emma during the show
because of the lighting. She was really in to
the dancing and singing as well!!

They were very entertaining for parents as well.
Here they are in the Karate Kid pose.
There were many little jokes sprinkled in for the older folks.

When they sang their song about sleeping all night
in a big bed, Warehouse Mouse fell asleep. . .

and so did Ben. He was too cute. He slept through
some of the show and even missed "Playing Catch"
when they threw beach balls into the audience.
Poor guy... he was tired. :)

After the show we all went for ice cream at Marble Slab
in Market Square. Yum!!

Here's a picture of the back of the shirts we made for the kids.
The front had their names just like the Movers wear.
When we showed it to them, they instantly recognized it
as a Mover shirt.

We had a lot of fun at the concert, but what made it a truly good time was being able to spend it with our friends. Thank you Aunt Tee Tee, Uncle Mike, and Ben for letting us crash at your place for a couple of nights. Thank you Scott, Treva, and Emma for going with us and for the delicious ice cream treat!!

If you have young children at home or just like good, clean fun, you should check out the Imagination Movers if you haven't already. They are a group of genuinely nice guys from New Orleans that just want to make music for kids that parents can "dig" as well.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pretzel Pose

So.... the baby was in a pretzel and was really shy about certain things. We don't know if we are having a boy or girl yet. They are going to do another ultrasound at our next appointment to try again. So, four more weeks of trying to guess. The good news is that everything else looks "perfect" and healthy. That is all that counts anyway. We'll keep you posted on any news.

Happy Birthday!!!

Today, we celebrate two great friends. Ben, our best buddy, turns two today. It seems like yesterday when I snuck off to the hospital to meet this little guy. . .

and then, just last week, we got to go to the NC Arboretum and play.

Just wait until you see his 2-year pictures. They are

What a handsome feller.

Already a gentleman who gives a chilly girl his jacket.
They love to play together!!

We hope you have a very Happy Birthday, Buddy. We can't wait to see you and go to see the Imagination Movers with you next week!!!

Today is also our good friend Stephanie's birthday. We are so glad we have met her and her family. They have really helped make Asheville feel more like home for us. We hope she has a fantastic day (complete w/iced coffee and DVR during Mommy time this morning).

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daddy's Big Day

Steve turns 30 today, and Abby announced this morning that she is having her birthday with him. (I think it's the promise of cake that is the real draw.) Although he is hard at work today, he will soon be home for an extended weekend. Steve Fest is how we have referred to it in the past. We are looking forward to some "down" time. We will find out if we are going to welcome a son or daughter and then we will head home for the weekend. Good times. Abby is napping right now in preparation for the event. :)

Here's a little taste of how Steve and Abs have been spending their days lately.
Here they are taking Skylar, the step stool, for a spin!

Abby being a Daddy's girl (as usual).
Though he looks upset, the sun is just in his eyes. We were
at a festival at a local park (more details in another post).

Abby helps Daddy wind down after a long day at the salt mines.

Sometimes, they wind down too much. :)

We love you, honey! Thank you for everything you do to see us smile and also for putting up with our "girly" ideas. We hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Birthday Wishes

October is filled with some very special birthdays. I will try to keep up, although I am already behind.

Happy Birthday, Mathew!!
On the 3rd, our nephew Mathew turned 7. We weren't able to celebrate because he is recovering from H1N1 (swine) flu. He is getting better and we hope to have a proper celebration soon!!

Here's an older picture of our Maty with is usual Green cupcakes.
We love you, buddy!!
(It's hard to find pictures of Mathew because he is so
shy and usually hides from the camera.)

Happy 1st Birthday, Tabetha!
It is hard to believe it has been a whole year since we met sweet Tabby for the first time. She took her first steps last night (the night before her birthday). Way to go, girl!! We can't wait to hear how she spends her big day.

One year ago today, we were all blessed by this little angel.

Abby getting some practice from Tabby for her new sibling.

Here's the sweetie about a month ago at her
early b-day bash in Tennessee.

We have four more birthdays within the next week, including Steve's big 3-0 tomorrow. Fun times... hope I can keep up. ;)