Thursday, February 17, 2011

December to Remember

I know. I know. It has been a while. A long while. However, I will try to catch you up on the goings-on around here.

December began much like December 2009. . . SNOW. Before winter was even officially here, we already had a significant snowfall (about a foot on our end of town). This made for great fun (and the beginning of a very snowy winter). Abby experienced her first snow day. She cried when she found out her school was closed. We were afraid it was going to put a damper on their Christmas party; however, we were very fortunate for the snow to melt in time for the kids to put on htier show and have their special party.

The kids did a wonderful job singing. Abby (middle of
the shot) belted out the songs with pride. We were so
excited that Steve was able to watch the program.
Abby was thrilled!!

The snow may not have been epic, but it was certainly fun. We were excited to get the girls out to play, especially since it was Josie's first real chance of playing in the white stuff. :D

Let the Christmas Story jokes begin.

Our angel making angels.

She's a Daddy's Girl without a doubt.

I just thought this is such a perfect "Josie" look.

Snow fun w/ Daddy!

The girls started to get tired and Steve's
hands were freezing. Therefore, our
snow man was three feet high.
We then decided to honor Bamps
with a snow Bamps, much to
Abby's delight. :D

The snow afforded us a chance to do a photo shoot to prepare for Christmas! Good times!

"Why is the bear bigger than me? Not cool."

Abby is still trying to come down from her Christmas high.

Holiday hilarity in a box (literally) with hats!

I promise to update soon with a Truly White Christmas and Snow Daze. Until then, please enjoy Abby singing "Happy Birthday, Jesus" from her Christmas program. Do NOT adjust your volume. (You will thank me in about 30 seconds or so.) Please watch until the end when Josie tries to "help." :D