Sunday, August 2, 2009

Goldilocks Needs a Nap.

Recently, we have been talking about some rite-of-passage changes that toddlers go through and trying to decide if Abby is ready for them. Most are questions that we are not sure of.... When will she ever give up her pabby? (She's doing great at just asking for it when she wants to sleep, as you will see in the pictures below.) When will she ever show signs of being interested in the potty again? (She has given us new meaning to potty break.) And finally, When will we know if she's ready for the "big girl bed" ? At least the last question is getting a little more attention from Blondie. She seems obsessed about making beds in various places around the apartment. Here are some of her recent designs.

The classic baby in a basket set up.

Another view of the basket bed. Goldilocks has a mattress
of freshly laundered towels, a pillow from the couch, and
a fabric remnant from a recent craft project.

Old laptops came in handy for this makeshift bed for Abby and baby.
She polished off this design with a cheesecloth "borrowed" from
the kitchen counter.

She rearranged her bedroom furniture a bit to climb on
her dresser to try out the changing pad that is rarely used anymore.

I'm pretty sure she's trying to figure out a way to get
Mommy and Daddy's bed all to her self in this one.

By far her fave, she often takes naps in her
tent in the living room. Phoebe looks on trying
to decide if she should risk a nap in there as well.
(It's a favorite spot for toddler and kitty.)

Phoebs gave up and let her sleep. Best nap of the week!!