Monday, January 9, 2012


I have missed blogging. I have missed documenting how much the girls are growing. It is truly out of control. I have resolved to make time for blogging... not sure how this will happen, but I'm going to try. Here is a quick update on the little ladies you are here to read about.


She's 4 going on 14. She is in full time, half day preschool and is very successful. She complains almost daily that I named her Abby rather than Rainbow. Rainbows are her favorite. The more colorful, the better. It matches her personality. Her imagination is very active and she loves weird stuff. Weird stuff and tiny stuff. Polly pockets and Squinkies are the current fave. She is a wonderful and doting big sister who loves to teach Josie all she knows, good and maybe not so good. :P

She is in tap and jazz dance class and loves going to Awanas at our new church. Kindergarten registration starts next month, which breaks my heart in a million ways. We are in awe at how much she has grown.


Josie turns two in a couple of weeks and will not slow down no matter how much I try. (I haven't tried, but I have thought about it.) There is very little that she will not try. She is Miss Personality. The mischievous smile gives her away every time. She has her usual toddler trials, such as the potty; however, she can hang with the big girls at the playground. She is OBSESSED with Blue's Clues. We have taught her a little bit of sign language because she didn't say a whole lot for a long time. (We joke that she couldn't get a word in edgewise with Abby around.) However, she is talking in short sentences now. It's a little hard to understand her since she doesn't say the first sound of a word that starts with a consonant. (Quirky, but fun) She is growing fast (finally), and we are enjoying every moment with this funny, sweet little girl!!

As we begin to pass on our "baby items," such as high chairs and bouncy seats, we are realizing that a chapter in our lives are coming to a close. While my heartbreaks, I am reminded that it means that there is a wonderful chapter beginning. As any mother, I could go on and on about my girls, but I will spare you and just hit the highlights for now. I will try to keep you up to date with the fun here at the White house while playing catch up (as best I can on the last year).

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