Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Josie

We have now recovered (well, mostly) from our birthday bash this weekend. We were very blessed to celebrate Josie's second birthday with friends, family, and Blue!! Josie has been obsessed with Blue's Clues for months now, so the obvious choice for her b-day theme was the Blue dog herself. We think she enjoyed it even though she took a quick nap on Bamps before the cake was cut and was ready to leave as soon as the last present was opened.

Ready to party!!

Ben was the first guest to arrive and
was more than happy to sport a party hat!

Even though Aunt Stephanie had a horrid migraine,
she was brave enough to come to a party with a
bunch of 2-6 year olds– much to Josie's excitement.

Many budding composers were hard at work on the piano.

Party games!!! Yay!

Such a Daddy's girl.

After a quick snooze, it was cake time.
(Abby helped with the candle part!)

Yummo! Blue's Clues Cake!!

After presents, Josie was ready to head home.
Time to get good hugs from Atticus. . .

And Aunt TeeTee!

Though not quite ready for Pinterest, I had fun designing
and making unique hats for the party. . .

And name "collars" for the treat bags.

The cake took forever. . . to decide which one to
order from eBay. :D

Abby helped make the poster. . .
she painted and picked the colors too.

The party girl the morning of her actual b-day!

After dropping Abby off at school, Josie and I
scooted over to Build-A-Bear (or in our case, a Monkey).

She loves her monkey named Unkie.

A celebratory 3 hour birthday nap was
definitely called for. ;)

That evening, we let the girls decorate their own

They were both really good at it!


Yay! Another Blue!

And an oven set from Kahki and Randall!!

We could not have asked for more smiles than Josie has brought to us in the last two years. She has been full of surprises, but that is great with us. (Keeps us on our toes.) So, we hope you had a wonderful birthday, Sweet Josie Girl!

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